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Security Risk Analysis

Security Risk Analysis in the areas of Networks & Software

Security of your data is a requirement for HIPAA. Nexsys Networks & Consulting will perform a detailed assessment of how secure your computers and network are in your practice. We will help you reduce your risk from hackers, viruses, and more importantly computer data theft. The assessment will evaluate the following areas of your practice: Physical Security, Virus Protection, Disaster Recovery, Firewall, Password Management, Software Security Patches, Remote Connections, Confidentiality of Client Data, and Security Awareness and Training.

Based on the assessment we will identify your security vulnerabilities. Recommendations will be made to ensure that your practice is covered to greatly reduce loss due to the identified security vulnerabilities. With your approval, we’ll implement these recommendations and then with Training, your staff will be well-informed and will have awareness of the importance of the security of your computers, network, and data.