Network Support

Computer Systems that Work & Cost Saving Structures

Nexsys Networks and Consulting was formed in response to the growing need for Information Technology consultants within small and medium size businesses. As smaller companies strive to be more competitive in the market place, the systems that are often required grow in complexity requiring more IT administration than ever. Nexsys Networks and Consulting offers month to month network support so there is a single contact for IT needs.

By having Nexsys Networks and Consulting in charge of your network services you give the office staff a one stop shop for network consulting questions and service. Our Network support plans help keep I.T. bills to a more manageable rate and guarantees a top service representative is on your side at all times. Along with our consulting we also offer other services such as Remote Backups to a secure server. Your data is your life, let Nexsys Networks help restore confidence in your I.T. services by doing a network checkup and bring your network up to speed!

1 Assesment Our knowledge and experience will be greatly applied here as we go through your systems to ensure that they are in the state that they should be. With careful analysis, we will make recommendations to ensure that you IT systems will have the best performance and functionality.
2Proactive Maintenance We will guarantee a time spent by our IT staff performing monthly proactive maintenance on your computers. This greatly reduces downtime and ensures that your systems are in tip-top shape.
3Backup SystemsData is the heart of your business. Unfortunately, it is the one aspect of IT that some companies take for granted. We will setup steps and procedures to ensure that your data is backed up properly.
4SupportWe will be committed to provide you IT support. We will either walk you through the steps over the phone, connect remotely, or be on site to ensure that your IT problem is resolved within the shortest time possible.
5We are your IT Staff Subscribe to our Outsource IT services and we become your IT department.