Data Back-up

Protect Your Data Before The Crash

Your patient’s data is the lifeblood of your practice, which means it’s critical to the success and survival of your business. Considering its importance, we go to great lengths to ensure your data is secure and available at a moment’s notice.

We backup all of your pertinent e-MDs data, which includes the SQL database and all of your DocMan Images, to our remote data storage center. We also manage your local data backups to ensure they are completed without errors on a nightly basis.

Our Remote Data Backup plan also includes Disaster Recovery. In a case of a natural disaster or your server crashes and becomes inaccessible, we will be able to restore your data from a backup set that we’ve collected remotely. This essentially allows your practice to be back up and running within hours of a major disruption of workflow.

1 Experts in Electronic Medical Records & Practice Management Software
2 15 years of specializing in Healthcare, 11 years of focus on Outpatient/Ambulatory care clinics for EMR/EHR
3 Consulting, recommendations, network evaluations, cost analysis
4 Server, Desktop, and Laptop operating system support – Microsoft Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 7/XP/Vista
5 Subscribe to our Outsource IT services and we become your IT department.
6 Server applications support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Terminal services, and backup software from Symantec (BackupExec), Blackberry Enterprise, Endpoint Protection, and AVG
7 Computer performance optimization including virus, malware, and spyware removal/protection
8 Network Infrastructure setup including wireless, routers, modems, switches, and firewall such as Cisco, Sonicwall, and others
9 With monthly contract, guaranteed time spent with proactive maintenance to avoid downtime on your computers and network
10 Troubleshooting network connectivity, slowness, application issues
11 CISCO certified technicians
12 Let us handle all of your printer, scanner, and other peripheral installations and configuration
13 Backup and Data recovery services, data storage, and data hosting facilities