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Why Choose Nexsys for I.T. and e-MDs Solution

Nexsys Networks and Consulting was formed in response to the growing need for Information Technology consultants within small and medium size businesses. As smaller companies strive to be more competitive in the market place the systems that are often required grow in complexity requiring more IT administration than ever. Nexsys Networks and Consulting offers month to month network support so there is a single contact for IT needs.

By having Nexsys Networks and Consulting in charge of your network services you give the office staff a one stop shop for network consulting questions and service. Our Network support plans help keep I.T. bills to a more manageable rate and guarantees a top service representative is on your side at all times. Along with our consulting we also offer other services such as Remote Backups to a secure server. Your data is your life, let Nexsys Networks help restore confidence in your I.T. services by doing a network checkup and bring your network up to speed!

Networking Support

Nexsys Networks and Consulting has developed a suite of IT strategy to ensure that your infrastructure is in the best shape possible...

EHR Consulting

We have been involved in the implementation and support of Electronic Medical Records and practice management software. We specialize...

Security Risk Analysis

Monthly plans guaranteeing lower hourly pricing and a central company to call with your I.T. questions and needs. By using our...

HIPAA Compliant Remote Data Backup

Your patient’s data is the lifeblood of your practice, which means it’s critical to the success and survival of your business...

Medical Practice Optimization

Your patient’s data is the lifeblood of your practice, which means it’s critical to the success and survival of your business...

Clinical Workflow Analysis

Technology ranked 12th in importance for patients vs. 24th for Physician credentials or that the doctor may have ranked in the top...



We provide software solutions customized to your needs

Every small to mid sized business today is faced with operational challenges. The solution for most businesses is a combination of QuickBooks and Excel. Both are great applications that have probably served you well, but soon the needs and requirements of small companies exceed the limits of both of these applications.

If your company has inventory, dispatch, deliveries, drivers or technicians who provide goods and services to customers in the field and who sign for those deliveries then like most companies, your QuickBooks and Excel Solution is not very effective or efficient. After all of these challenges

Specializing in IT Solutions

Nexsys Networks and Consulting is a company that is dedicated in designing, building and maintaining Information Technology Solutions for small and medium size businesses. Our IT representatives have accumulated over 20 years of computer and networking experience. We are experts in Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Software.

We have more than 15 years of specializing in Healthcare and more than 11 years of focus on Outpatient/Ambulatory care clinics for EMR/EHR. It is our goal to provide you with the best service and keep your IT bills to a reduced rate. Subscribe to our Network Services and you will get a commitment from us to provide the best professional IT service. We want you to have the feeling of having your own IT staff.